Benefit from Sekura's strengths!

Working in close partnership with Sekura Cabins A/S you will achieve great results.

Customer focus

Sekura Cabins A/S has a continuous focus on your needs and demands regarding quality, technique and delivery, etc. Production, delivery and support systems are set up to meet individual needs.

Sekura Cabins A/S employees are organized in production groups focusing on you as an individual Customer.


Sekura Cabins A/S employees are multi-skilled and can undertake more than one function.

With internal agreements on flexible working hours, production groups are able to work in accordance with production demands.

The KanBan concept also allows Sekura Cabins A/S to work with short delivery times as production parts are always available on the production line.


The Line Sequence Delivery concept enables Sekura Cabins A/S to supply individual and unique cabs according to customer specifications. Fitting into the customer production sequence with our just-in-time deliveries.

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Continuous improvements

Continuous improvements are achieved by using customer and end-user feedback. Resulting in zero faults and full customer satisfaction.

Global sourcing

Sekura Cabins A/S strategically sources from dedicated suppliers to achieve high quality and help you in maintaining cost leadership.

Cab system, design & development

Sekura Cabins A/S employs a team of innovative designers and engineers with years of practical experience working with industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Lean Manufacturing

Sekura Cabins A/S produces with a minimum of waste materials and resources. The KanBan concept ensures short production times and the elimination of stock.